I like to try and keep it nice and simple. Below are my photography packages.

If you can’t find a package to suit you or you would like me for over 2 hours shoot time don’t worry! Enquire today and get your own free, no-hassle quote!

Please note if the shoot is on location, any location 5miles+ of Watton shall have a small travel charge added.


£ 30
  • 30 mins shoot time
  • 1.5 hours retouching time
  • 10-15 photographs


£ 60
  • 1 hour shoot time
  • 3 hours retouching time
  • 30-40 photographs


£ 120
  • 2 hours shoot time
  • 6 hours retouching time
  • 50+ photographs

Are those prices right?

I have been doing photography for over 3 years, but I have recently ventured into freelance work. Therefore, I am offering incredibly low introductory prices for new clients. So yes, they’re right!