This will vary greatly for each project ranging from a couple of days to over a month depending on the number of images that will be edited for the customer. Please get in contact with me for an accurate answer to this question.

I hope this will never happen! Unfortunately, life is unpredictable so in the rare case this happens I will give you as much notice as possible and reschedule you in. If a reschedule is not possible in this situation I will issue a refund of your deposit.

Please see T&C’s for more detail but your are given the right to use the images for your business or personal use. However, there are limits on how much you can edit or change an image.

A 50% deposit is due at least 2 weeks before your shoot date. In the case of a reschedule I will try to accommodate this as much as possible but if a reschedule can not be made and the shoot has to be cancelled you will not receive your 50% deposit back.

This will be stated in the package you chose by. If you have any questions just ask!

No, un-usable images are deleted straight away, e.g closed eyes, non-focused, bad posture. After I have got rid of the un-usable images I will send you a link to see all the watermarked un-edited images then depending on the package you chose you will be able to select a certain number of images that you would like to have edited and keep.

Yes, I touch up every image you choose to make sure it’s absolutely perfect and to give it my personal touch.

No, your final images which are included in your package will not have watermarks on them.

If you would like your images printed let me know and this can be arranged (additional printing costs can be seen HERE and will be invoiced to you).

I take every precaution I can to prevent this from happening unfortunately, it does happen to some very unlucky photographers. This has never happened to me but if for any reason it ever does we will re-book the photoshoot ASAP and this would come with no charge to you.

On the day and the days coming up to your shoot we will monitor the weather. If I feel the weather will be a problem we will reschedule the photoshoot.

Yes, I do! This is something you would need to request when selecting the images you want to be edited.

I have a small home studio for product photography and then I have a travel studio which I bring to you for all other types of shoots.

I’m based in Watton, Norfolk but for a lot of my jobs, I travel to you!

Family, weddings, couples

Something you feel comfortable and confident in!

However, here are some things I recommend:

  • Pastels, lights or black are the best colours.
  • Try and avoid prints and patterns. Anti-glare and anti-reflective glasses are the best if you have these as an option. For group pictures try to keep clothing simple and coordinated.
  • For children, the same things above apply. A pretty dress or dungarees can look super cute!
  • For babies and newborns, the same as above applies if you would like them to be clothed. Alternatively, on many occasions babies and newborns look their best in their natural suit with just a blanket, swaddle, prop or positioning to cover up their private area.


For business photography you want something which really represents your business whether this is:

  • a work uniform to show off your business.
  • a suit and tie to show you are a professional, serious business e.g. accountants.
  • something fun and happy to show you are a chilled, casual, welcoming business. e.g. a kids play group.
  • If you have multiple staff make sure they are all coordinating as much as possible.
  • I know it’s been said too many times but a photo tells a thousand words of what your business is about and who you are.
  • Photos can increase traffic to your website massively.
  • Professional photography increases the perception of quality of what you are selling.
  • Basic phone photos can make your product look so much worse than it is!
  • Customers trust a business with high-quality images more than a business with poor quality images.
  • Shows the customers that you care about what you are selling!
  • Staff headshots allow customers to feel like they know you.
  • Headshots can also make the customers trust you more!