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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions: 

  1. Customer: the person/persons/business who buys the services of Aiesha Pitcher/ap photography or takes part in the photoshoot (eg. family and friends of the person who paid for the service) 

  1. Supplier: Aiesha Pitcher/ ap photography/ Aiesha Pitcher Photography

  1. Service: The work to be done by the supplier which has been agreed with the customer.

2. Terms And Conditions agreement

By paying the 50% deposit you are agreeing to these T&C’s. The start date of these T&C’s is as soon as the deposit has been paid by the customer. No service/project is booked into the suppliers diary until the 50% deposit has been paid. 

3. Summary of What Each Side Will Deliver

  1. Supplier will deliver: 

  • A certain number of hours of total work which will have been stated in writing and agreed by the customer and supplier prior to the agreement of these terms and conditions. 

2.   Client will deliver: 

  • The total cost of service (which will be confirmed by the supplier in writing)
  • Any products/people which are being photographed 
  • Any props which are wished to be in the photographs (if the client is unable to obtain said props for the shoot see ’12.1 Extra Fees’)
  • For photographs including people the client must arrange themselves clothing/makeup/overall look of the person/persons themselves.

4. Cancellation Policy

1.   Under 2 weeks notice:

If the client cancels within the 2 week period before the start of the supplier beginning the service then the full deposit paid will be non-refundable. 

2.   Over 2 weeks notice: 

If the customer has already paid the deposit and wishes to cancel the service over 2 weeks prior to the start of the service then the deposit will be refunded as long as no fees have already been caused to the supplier (see ’12.5 Extra fees’ for more information).

5. Payment Schedule

The total cost of service which is to be paid by the client to the supplier should be stated in writing to the customer prior to the agreement of these terms and conditions.

A non-refundable deposit, which will be made up of 50% of the total service cost, is to be paid (by the customer to the supplier) at a minimum of 2 weeks before the supplier begins any work or by the due date on the invoice (whichever comes first).

No service/project is booked into the suppliers diary until the 50% deposit has been paid.

The supplier has the right to decide to longer book a project in even after a 50% deposit invoice has been sent but before any deposit has been paid. In this case the supplier will give as much notice as possible that they can no longer book the project in. 

Once the supplier has completed photographing the photos they will send the customer the unedited (not final) photos with watermarks. Once the customer has looked at the watermarked images and has chosen the images to be edited, the customer is to pay the last amount not yet paid of the total cost. Once the supplier has received the last of the total cost and has finished editing the images they will send the customer the final edited images without the watermarks. 

The total cost of the service between the supplier and the customer is agreed by the acceptance of these terms and conditions when the deposit is paid. Although, the supplier will still retain rights to increase this total cost even after the terms and conditions are accepted by the customer. The supplier will try and give the customer as much notice as possible of any change in the total cost.  See ’12. Extra Fees’ section to see details on why the total cost of service could on scarce occasions be increased after these terms and conditions have been accepted. 

6. Copyright Ownership and Rights of Use

  1.   The supplier retains copyright on all images produced and has the right to post and use the images on any social media pages, websites and videos. This also includes on 3rd parties websites and social media that Aiesha Pitcher grants premission to and believes are safe and will not affect the customer in anyway. Aiesha Pitcher grants the customer rights to use said images for their business/personal use. 

  1. Limits as to what the customer can do with the images can be seen in ’9. Post-Production and Editing’.

7. Property or Model Releases

If either a property or model release form are needed these are to be signed by the customer before the end of the service. 

8. Liability Limitations

1.    If for any reason the supplier or customer are unable to do the shoot on the date arrange due to certain circumstances for example and not limited to: illness or weather disruptions they are to try and give as much notice as possible and the service will start/resume at a later date suitable for and agreed by both the supplier and customer.

2.    If for any reason the service can no longer be done by the supplier then the supplier will try to give as much notice to the customer as possible and all deposit paid will be refunded to the customer.

9. Post-Production and Editing

1.    All images produced and edited by the supplier are not to be edited by the customer if possible. Minor editing e.g adding borders, cropping, lighting adjusted slightly to help fit the clients social media/website is permitted. 

2.    Any editing which negatively effects any of Aiesha Pitcher’s photographs or reputation is NOT permitted. 

3.    All images with watermarks on which are sent to the customer before the rest of the total cost is paid are to be used by the customer for nothing else other than choosing the images they want edited.

4.   The supplier does not give raw images to customers.

10. Indemnification

If the customer or anyone they bring to a shoot breaks anything at the venue where the shoot is taking place which doesn’t belong to them or the supplier then the supplier will tell the venue to contact the customer to take any action they want and the supplier will have no other involvement in the situation.

11. Request to redo work

If for any reason the customer asks the supplier to redo the photoshoot or editing then the supplier is not obliged to redo any work which has already been done. If the supplier does choose to redo any of the work then the supplier is also, not obliged to redo the work for free and can charge the customer for this extra work if the supplier wishes to. 

12. Extra Fees

  1. Props: any props wanted to be used by customer or what are needed for the photographs to come out at the highest possible standard which the client is unable to provide and is then provided by supplier by buying/renting will be added on to the total cost of the service to cover the costs caused to the supplier.
  2. The suppliers equipment is not to be touched without permission, any damage to the suppliers property caused by the customer or anyone they bring on set for the photoshoot will be added to the total costs.
  3. The supplier delivering more (see ‘3. Summary of What Each Side Will Deliver’) than agreed by requests made by the client will be added on to the total cost of service.
  4. Any travel, accommodation, food ect costs caused to the supplier for the service will be added on to the total cost. The supplier will try to give as much notice as possible of the total added cost for this but there are chances this may not be possible until the service is finished and the final total cost is given. 
  5. Refundable deposit on over 2 weeks notice. The whole deposit will be refunded but if any fees have already been caused to the supplier then these will be taken from the refundable amount and the customer will be refunded what is left.

13. Breaks

The supplier has the right to take a short break if needed to have some food, drink etc. on any photoshoot which is over 4 hours long. Food and drink does not need to be provided by the customer.

14. Selecting your images to be edited 

After your photoshoot you must select the images that you want Aiesha Pitcher to edit within 1 week of receiving the email with the link to your unedited images. If they are not selected within this time then Aiesha Pitcher will select the images for you then edit them without prior warning.

15. Raw images and edits after final images have been delivered

Raw images from photoshoots will be kept for 1 month after your final images have been sent to you. If you request any extra work to be done using the images from your photoshoot after this time Aiesha Pitcher will do her best to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee the work will be able to be done.

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